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Crunch Time …


Crunch time came for me when the new contract chap was openly told in the office he would be doing the next big project that was coming in at the end of the next month.

Apparently no one else in the immediate management levels knew anything about this so was a big surprise to them as well. Coupled with the fact that the office is still upto it’s ears with the current job. But that’s life.

Within minutes of this open declaration I needed to hand over work to new chap as a matter of course and was interrupted by the manager and questioned about what the chap was working on and then questioned by the chap on whether I had the authority to distribute work at all.

Seeing red I carried out a controlled and dignified explosion saying I was quite upset that detrimental collusion could take place in this fashion, and left to return to my desk. It happened to be near the end of the day so clearing up and leaving did not stur anyone.

That happened to be my last day there. Not by design I should add.

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