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Why – The trigger

Life’s requirements evolve as do expectations and memories are contaminated with the arrival of new memories and then your history of feelings and thoughts change.  This can be good or bad but never the less evidence of progress disappears. That I don’t like.

As the contents of the blog gets longer the original purpose of the blog is pushed further from the recent posts.

The trigger for writing this blog in the first place were the people that treated me badly at work.

The prime objective was to record events as they happened (or as near as) so I had a clear record of the event and my view.  I fully accept there are two parts to this, actions and then my opinion.  The actions are factual, and I have tried to stay honest and the second is my very own take on the event.

But as time passed I became aware that I was not alone in the family in having mental health problems and many had systemic problems relating to mental health. This was a shock at first and if I had not had problems I would have dismissed it in a cavalier fashion.

Coming right up to date: I am recording things as they happen so the family has a record in the future.  It will be painful reading as people will have forgotten much of it and disagree with more.  That’s the risk I take but that is the how history affects people.

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