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Who – It’s just me and cross

My contact with mental health issues is not straightforward, but I am sure others will say, ‘pew … you don’t know what it’s like mate …’ to some extent I whole heatedly agree and yes, your right ‘… I don’t know what your experience is, but please don’t tell me I have got my experiences wrong …’. Inform me, share with me, listen to me; that’s all I ask.

I have lived in a family where my mother suffered with mental health issues all her life; and until recently I had not fully acknowledged just how many other people around me, both within the family, friends and work colleagues suffer(ed) as well.  I say fully acknowledged in a way that makes it sounds like I am a numpty, but I don’t think I am!

Different circles of people communicate different things at different social acceptable levels.  I confide in some and not with others.  They may confide in me and not someone else in a particular friendship group; that is how we do it.

At family level we discuss things and support the family where we can but all the time there was imaginary barrier there that stops anyone person asking really hard questions.  It’s no big deal but, we kept secretes, big secretes.

Friends who suffer tell me more if they know I don’t know their other friends or other members of their family.  I do the same.  Work colleagues tell even less to fellow work colleagues.

This is why I am remaining anonymous here as I am not ready in my own mind to let my secrete out.


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