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Harbour Cafe

In a disheveled cafe I have sat and worked. Unflustered staff work servicing a slow trade of students and shoppers. It’s atmosphere is under appreciated and as of today no more.

I like it here. I have seen the same people slaving over their laptops working, I have seen attached couples looking and talking, planning and plotting. Seen individuals waiting expectantly for friends, partners and lovers to arrive.

Several weeks ago their sandwich bar was empty at the start of the lunchtime period. Only a few pieces of cake were to be found. The chap said the delivery had not arrived, but I suspected differently. Since then the shelves have always been under stocked.

It was not a surprise to hear they were closing. What did surprise and please me was the straightforward message giving to their customers on the front window. … had a good time here … time to move on … thank you. That, to me shows how they did value their customers.

So, thank you in return for providing me a small haven of piece and quite in a busy city centre. I wish you all the best in the future.

A theory I have

I have a theory: As the use of drugs has become more common the norm has changed such that public seems to be complacent with defeatist acceptance that nothing can be done and it must therefore be ok.

The debate as to whether cannabis should be legalised or not is an indication, to me at least, that all is not well. It’s easy to just say it’s no more damaging than alcohol but those sentiments are expressed by those people who have not seen what damage alcohol and drugs actually causes.

Addiction is crippling, it threatens family life, children, parents and society.  It causes chaos within families where none existed. It causes … I could go on … but just rant, which is not what I want.

Any addiction needs feeding to satisfy the demand, a demand that places individuals in harms way.

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