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The Role I play


From Statistics about the output of this country (UK) it is stated we are underperforming. That is the workforce are underperforming. When digging deeper into this fact it transpires it is down to skills shortages.

A part of the role I had was to help and support staff, not just with the modelling process and the new software but with engineering.

There are a number of new people with less than a years modelling and engineering skills in our group. So we have an identified skills shortage in the office so to be actively discouraged from helping these people caused me concern on two counts. Firstly these people need the help, and secondly without the help the project will suffer.

Different techniques were used: coming over and standing on the edge of the conversation with no intention of joining in. Interrupting conversations by asking vacuous questions, asking for information and sometimes for a full status updates.

Over a relatively short period of time my overall role was cut. But I was not told someone else was now doing ‘that’. Many times I would only know as a result of hearing ‘that’ being discussed at a level of detail I should have been involved with. New contract staff were employed even though a cull of contract staff had only happened two months previous.

So in summary my workload was being changed behind my back, other people were being redeployed without my knowledge. The skills I was supposed to be imparting to others was being discouraged and the deadline end dates not changing. The problems I had identified and dismissed are coming to pass as I described.

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