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The situation is this


The profession and industry I work in is adverseral by nature.  It is formally managed by contracts that have to be met. No problem with that at all. Contracts are negotiated and meant to be equatable both ways. I.e.  ‘I will pay you to do exactly that’ – equal both ways. You do ‘that’ you get paid. When delivery is different, and this is often with agreement of both parties, then adjustments are made. Again equitable both ways. When parties are in disagreement then it has to be debated and the stronger argument will win else litigation will ensue.

This rational approach extends into engineering design as well, where past experience along with robust design and British Standard et all all mean rationalality prevails.

All of the above takes place with rational argument as being the tool of choice. So I have been exposed to many years of rational working experiences. I can cope with this.

I do not like irrationality, it is incomplete thought, it is lazy, it is misleading, it leads to conflict, it divides groups, it does not get a job done and is costly.

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