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Friday and its panic day – again


This particular Friday started with the knowledge that a large issue of documents had to go out by 3:00pm.  This was only necessary as the issue was surposed to be the previous Wednesday but was changed.

Early in the day we were alerted to the problem another office had landed themselves in and we were instucted to complete their work. All resources in our office were deployed so something had to give. At first the project manager had great problems understanding we could not meet both deadlines and had a hissyfit.  Time was taken to explain the problem and it appears he made the decission for the resource to be redeployed and was asked to confirm his agreement and inform the client that the package of work we were responsible for would be delayed, and further delayed as the key person was on holiday the follwoing week – its a tough life but someone gets paid hamsonly to do it.

It then became apparent that the task was not straightforward and the skills necessary to do the job quickly, accurately and consicely were not there, but a start had to be made. More design work was required than anticipated and after lunch, could be 2:0pm it became clear the deadline could not be met.

The project manager insisted that the person who had started the work should stay well into the evening to complete the work and be thankful.  He was serverly upset when told no.

The work was then packaged up and returned to the other office to complete.  Cutting the story short they were still working on it on Monday.

This is a classic example of knee-jerk management that dispite all the effort put in both deadlines were missed.

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