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Friday, another Friday – panic and mayhem

For a conducive working spirit harmony has to prevail.  Harmony inculcates teams to overcome adversities. So when you are sworn at do so at your peril.

Deadlines were well described in a previous blog so another Friday’s deadline is no surprise really apart from this was the postponed deadline from last week with a twist; not resourced adequately. One young person was pulled from pillar to post and was being given instructions to do this by one,  no change that back, by another, move that here, no here by another.  No coordinating of the work between themselves.

So when sworn at in one of the many harassment and bullying telephone calls he said enough is enough and stopped work long enough to make a formal complaint. This resulted in a good number of telephone calls before his work was concluded.  Yep, deadline missed … again.

There is a moral here: if you want your team to work hard and deliver – treat them with respect. This is even more critical if there is only one person in your team!

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