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Irrational people are a pain in the Arse


I don’t believe this is a medical condition and I am not sure whether it is a life choice but people who are irrational in the workplace are a danger to themselves, a danger to other people and a danger to organizations.

If you ever have the misfortune to encounter an irrational person, whether socially or in the workplace the best course of action is to have empathy and not get drawn into debate with them.

If you can’t avoid them don’t trust what they say as they will use any argument to win you over irrespective of the facts that are set before them. It gets worse, they often don’t remember exactly what they have said and if you need to have the conversation again, say to confirm something, they will dish out another set of incoherent, irrelevant information that you are to regard as facts and expect you, for a second time, to agree with them.

Not only are they a pain in the arse, they are very debilitating, and often have to be finally corrected by their superiors. Alerting superiors is a whole different ball game and strategic playoffs have to happen; which in turn destroys relationships and groups.

I now appreciate the above, but it was my belief that what I was trying to do for the organization was correct, but it was being intimated by negative work practices, it was not. No real rational professional explanation could be offered to me, and was why, with hindsight of being diagnosed with PTSD, the cause for me to become very vocal and a verbally aggressive at work.

Some people on the outside might simply dismiss this as a personality clash but it was not. I believe there was an ulterior motive from the start and I just happened to be in the wrong mindset at the time.

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